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AI powered Product Recommendations
Our algorithms are designed and implemented to increase your sales without disrupting
the ordering process. Data-driven product recommendations will show up on the POS in
carefully selected places that are most likely to lead to additional purchases while
maintaining a natural ordering flow.

New Additions All your newly added items will automatically appear as the first 5 products on the main POS screen, so your employees can easily suggest new items to your customers. These items will have a red badge that says "New" so they can be easily recognized. Items added to the "New" category will remain in this category for 7 days by default, or you can set up a custom time limit. New items will also be available in their original category that was assigned. Instead of "New" products, you can reserve this space for your "Best Sellers" or "Trending Now" items.

Best Sellers This automatically populated category showcases your most in-demand products. Our software constantly accumulates and analyzes your sales data to determine which products sell the best. The first 5 all-time best-selling products will automatically appear as the first 5 products on the main POS screen, with a red badge that says "Best Sellers" so they can be easily recognized by your staff. You can set up custom parameters such as the minimum number of sales the product needs to have to qualify for this category (the default is 10). Instead of "Best Sellers", you can reserve this space for your "New" or "Trending Now" items.

Frequently Bought Together Our system keeps track of the combinations of products in your customers' orders and analyzes which products are often purchased together. When a product is added to the order, the system will offer additional products to purchase in the modifier flow (a popup window) based on what other customers have frequently purchased with this product.

You might also Like One of our most complex algorithms, this product recommendation takes into consideration products that are frequently bought together with what is in the order and which products are most often added to the order based on our product recommendation algorithms. This helps us provide a single, most powerful product recommendation for the given customer.

Similar Products This product recommendation group will show up in the modifier flow when a particular product is being added to the order by your employee. It will show additional products that the customer might be interested in, that are sharing the same attributes as the product that is being viewed, so your employees can easily offer alternatives if necessary. The similarities between products are determined by 'tags' that are attributed to each product. Products with the same tags will be considered "similar products".
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