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SalesVu + Tessitura collaborate to provide the best unified solutions for Arts and Culture organizations

iPad POS for Entertainment,
Arts and Culture Venues
Full-Featured iPad POS Integrated
with Tessitura CRM Solution
SalesVu iPad POS solutions now integrate with
Tessitura CRM, so you can easily look up
customer information and provide discounts and
gift certificate redemption to existing members.

With SalesVu iPad POS + Tessitura CRM you can
speed up transactions, prevent long lines, and
provide a better overall customer experience.
Easily look up customer information and provide
discounts and gift certificate redemption to
existing members.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a Point Of Sale
for your gift shops and concessions stands
when you can download SalesVu iPad POS apps
and start increasing order accuracy, maximizing
efficiency, and minimizing costs?
SalesVu Apps
for Entertainment,
Arts and Culture Venues
Simple to set up, easy to use, and customizable.
Choose from our wide selection of Apps downloadable
from the iTunes Store for free or at a low monthly cost.

iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions quickly, and gain access
to critical business data that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
Learn more about the SalesVu POS app
OrderUp Kiosk
Bust lines by giving customers the ability to self-order, and have
those orders sent directly to the kitchen to begin preparation.
Learn more about the SalesVu VIPz app
Incoming Kitchen Manager
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen display system 'KDS',
which automatically displays orders from the Square register.
Learn more about the SalesVu Incoming app
Regulars Loyalty Manager
Offer a unique rewards program to strengthen customer loyalty.
Learn more about the SalesVu Regulars app
Customer Display
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to review
their order, view loyalty points, and tip discreetly.
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Manage your Arts and Culture
app remotely with our cloud-based solutions
Reduce costs and save time by
managing your business more efficiently.
SalesVu Cloud Basic
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Multi-Location
Centralized Labor Management
& Scheduling
SalesVu Cloud Advanced
Inventory and Vendor
CRM and Marketing Automation
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Our initial attraction to SalesVu was its mobility and scalability. As a major presenting arts organization, we have an ever-changing range of needs across our venues, events and festivals and we were searching for one system that would allow us to capture both concessions and merchandise sales with an easy to learn interface for part-time/seasonal employees. The Tessitura integration will give us the ability to see a more complete picture of patrons' spending with us and more easily fulfill membership perks. Being able to process Tessitura gift certificates will allow a gift certificate to be used for anything in our venues, not just tickets.
Cultural Trust Pittsburgh
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