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Restaurant Solutions
Food & Drink
Customizable, scalable, and
comprehensive IT solutions.
Food & Drinks
Customizable, scalable, and
comprehensive IT solutions

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SalesVu's iPad POS and restaurant management
system grows sales while lowering costs.
  • Our iPad POS system and restaurant management
    apps are designed to streamline the hustle of
    running a restaurant.
  • Nimble, simple, and efficient, it makes you wonder
    why anyone still spends thousands on a POS system.
  • SalesVu Apps for Food & Drinks. Simple to set up,
    easy to use, and customizable.
Leap into growth mode with our powerful suite of apps.
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iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions
quickly, and gain access to critical business data
that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
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Incoming Kitchen Manager
Streamline your kitchen's workflow with this kitchen
display system 'KDS', which automatically displays
orders from the Square register.
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OnTheList Floor/Table Manager
Guest management tools to help you know
more first-timers and delight your regulars.
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Customer Display
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to
review their order, view loyalty points, and tip
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Regulars Loyalty Manager
Offer a unique rewards program
to strengthen customer loyalty.
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VIPz Giftcard Manager
Sell digital giftcards and discounted group
voucers to your customers in-store or online.
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