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grocery store with SalesVu
Our all-in-one software platform increases your
sales and saves you time and money.

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Everything you need to
operate, and grow your store
SalesVu provides the tools to:
Create gorgeous and functional websites that bring you
new business.
Reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent theft.
Naturally and effectively upsell to your customers as they
check out.
Schedule and pay your employees with the click of a button.
Keep your customers loyal with coupons and gamified
Generate predictable and consistent revenue streams with
subscription billing.

And so much more!
SalesVu is an all-in-one software solution to make your arts & culture business more profitable.
4 steps to growth with SalesVu
Our solutions work together to provide you with the most
powerful software suite on the market. With it you can:
  • Attract new customers from as many places as possible.
  • Empower customers to place orders at their own pace and automate upsells during the ordering process to increase sales.
  • Turn your customers into regulars.
  • Amplify word-of-mouth to new levels.
Operate your business & maximize sales
iPad POS System
Improve your operations, process transactions
quickly, and gain access to critical business data
that makes it easy to run a more profitable business.
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Manage more efficiently to reduce costs
Inventory Management
Inventory is a complicated business. No human can fully
account for every variable. Leave it to our software to do
the work.
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Grow to meet your full potential
Customer Display
Give customers a secure, low-pressure way to review
their order, view loyalty points, and tip discreetly.
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Customers and Case Studies
See what our customers are saying about us.
Our initial attraction to SalesVu was its mobility and scalability. As a major
presenting arts organization, we have an ever-changing range of needs across our venues, events
and festivals and we were searching for one system that would allow us to capture both concessions
and merchandise sales with an easy to learn interface for part-time/seasonal employees.
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